The Palouse

The landscape of the Palouse in eastern Washington, like Iceland and Death Valley, has drawn me back time and time again. Although the three locations appear to be quite different, to me, in some deep unconscious way, they seem very similar. In any case, the Palouse is compelling and is more than a green landscape.

Palouse Sunrise from Steptoe Butte, 2015
Steptoe Butte Sunrise, 2015
Patterns, The Palouse, 2015
Sunset from Steptoe Butte on a Smoky Day, 2015
Wheat Straw, Prune Orchard Road, The Palouse, 2015
Just in Time for the Harvest, The Palouse, 2015
Harvest Stubble, The Palouse, 2015
Rolling Hills, Early Morning, The  Palouse, 2014
Country Barn, The Palouse, 2014
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